I was raised in Waterbury, Connecticut and now living in Atlanta, GA. I've always have been grounded in working hard and letting my results speak for itself. Whether it is playing football, winning championships in track, or academic awards I believe in the ‘PROCESS’ and optimizing as needed. I have over 10 years business experience in technology and web design. At the age of 19 I created my web design company managing a team of developers overseas but always had a passion to design. I went to Norfolk Southern to polish my programming skills and understand the workings of a large enterprise. Norfolk Southern has allowed me to level up my skills to showcase on my personal site.

My core strengths in product development is creative direction and data curation. I have an ability to see a problem, understand the value a client is seeking, and the ability to turn information into meaningful data in a seamless manner. My driving force in any project is that moment when presenting my idea and hearing “Wow, that's great!”. To use art, design, and technology to solve difficult problems is an rewarding experience and I look forward to enhancing my skill set on a daily basis.

I’m competitive and love to explore but have a laid back personality. Brainstorming is one of my favorite past times and always look forward to make things with my hands.

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